Sunday, May 6, 2012


I really don't know what I would be putting in my blog.I studied Basic Fashion and I'm still like a baby.There's a lot of things I have to learn and understand about Fashion. So maybe this would be my great idea for my first post?!
Ate Irish,Charchar,Sir Kenneth,Nicole,Ate Guela and me
 This photo was taken on our last day in Basic Fashion.
It was a great start after all.
My friends were really nice and helpful also our teacher Sir Kenneth.
 As for me, A starter  I love laces.I love to attach  it in a skirt and pair it with a pastel blouse
 I dont know much in fashion I have to say.For now my favorite designer would be a local designer Miss Camille.

I took this photo inside our work place and I didn't smile.That's why I named my blog  "Laurice do smile' because I think you can see a lot of like this pictures in the coming tomorrow.